The Games

Creating games is our passion

We are gamers and making games is our passion. We want to leave a footprint in the industry and share our gaming-dna with you, our community and the world.


at creating awesome videogame content4

While creating web-software, audio productions and alot of other different projects, game projects are our heart and the passion we are living for. Every decision for game design or changing the art style of a game is well thought through with the question in the mind “Would I play this?”

Because we are gamer and we want to create awesome content for gamer – the stuff the we wish for ourself.

Enjoy the RNU

Reinvented Norse Mythology Universe

The Soulborn story is based on the RNU – the Reinvented Norse Mythology Universe that is – as the name say – inspired by the norse mythology but has it’s own fantasy touch. We like the way whoe movies or even games are connected via the fact that they are playing in the same universe. We made the decision to create our own big universe, where we’re able to put a lot of different big or even smaller stories into it.


Past and Future projects of Pixelmad GAMES