Pixelmad Games

Creating games is our passion.

Pixelmad Apps

Creating complex systems for webpages and applications.

Pixelmad Audio

Music, Sound and Records


Our recipe is simple: passion, creativity and professionalism combined, yields the DNA that all our products share. We want you to feel that we love what we are doing!

Pixelmad Studios is a professional all in one media solution. We are creating games for pc and consoles, professional applications as well as audio and music for you and your projects! Reach out to us and we see what we can do for you and your individual needs!


Games for Gamer from gamer

We are gamers and making games is our passion. We want to leave a footprint in the industry and share our gaming-dna with you, our community and the world.


Professional and complex applications

Who doesn’t dream about a professional, well looking app for his own business? Talk to us and we make your dreams come true.


Music, sounds and more

We love music and our games should sound as memorable as they are unique, if you also need some, just talk to us!



High quality 3D- and Architecture Visualization. We create your wish and give your idea the first living picture. 

The Vision

Why we are doing what we do

Pixelmad stands for fun. The most important thing in everyones job is to love what you do. We’re living our dream and work on projects we choose by ourself. We are also interested in building our region and give people the possibility to work in our business.

Pixelmad but also stands for speed, quality and flexability. We’re doing jobs faster than alot of others and we’re ever trying to find the best way to realize a project for our partner and customer. 


Past and Future projects of Pixelmad Studios